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59-Year-Old Indiana Woman With 12-Inch Nails Says She’s Been Growing Them Since The ’80s

Everyone has different ideas about what’s beautiful. Take Cordelia Adams, for example. The 59-year-old Indiana woman has a very unique perspective on beauty, especially when it comes to her nails.

Cordelia currently has nails that are 12 inches in length. Yes, you read that right! She says she’s been growing her nails since 1989. And 12 inches isn’t even the longest they have been. At one point, she says they were 16 inches long. However, 12 inches is what she prefers.

Her nails aren’t neglected, either. Her efforts are very intentional. So much so that each nail is uniquely decorated to the extreme. She even has a favorite design.

It’s pretty wild, but Cordelia, who is a nail technician and makeup artist, truly loves her nails. She says she started growing them after being inspired by her mother’s own lengthy nails.

But yes, sometimes they do get in her way.

Cordelia uses her knuckles to perform daily tasks, which she is clearly used to by now. She can easily tuck her fingers to fold her nails toward her arms, she says, so they don’t always get in her way.

Of course, this unique woman is pretty well known, thanks to TikTok. She catapulted to TikTok fame last year after a video of her washing her nails was shared online. While a lot of people don’t have nice things to say, Cordelia doesn’t let the haters get her down. She’s an artist in her own right, and it seems her nails are her canvas.

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