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LHH Star Yandy Smith-Harris’ New Instagram Post Has Fans Wondering If She Has A New Man: ‘Say Hi To The Blogs’

The love story between Yandy Smith-Harris and her husband Mendeecees has been well documented, but have things changed?



After starting a family and becoming engaged, Mendeecees’ past street life caught up to him. He was sentenced to 8 years in federal prison, with his reality TV star wife promising to stick beside him. She did, but later questioned if he would have done the same for her. Now, fans are wondering if she grew tired of the loyalty game as an interesting IG post has many thinking whether or not she has a new man.



Yandy Smith-Harris posts video featuring a new man

Smith-Harris posted an IG reel alongside another man not named in the video. “This is important because I feel like this is gonna end up on the blogs anyway,” she says in the reel. “I have been out and about and I recently…”

The man in question pops into the frame and interjects, saying “You gonna tell them or what?” he asks—smoking a cigar. “I don’t got all day.” He adds: “I’m not saying I’m the other guy but I’m not saying I’m not the other guy.”

Smith-Harris then says, “Alright well, that’s certainly not how I felt like I wanted to tell everybody,” she says. “Say hi to the blogs,” he says.

The reality star then says she wants “be the first to put it out there so I could tell my own story,” before apologizing to fans, saying, “Alright so there you have it. I’m sorry guys if I let you down.”

She later says it was a joke

Apparently, April Fools Day came early. In her caption, she shares with fans that they were in on a joke. “He caught me Pt 2 from yesterday @itsjasonweaver,” Smith-Harris wrote. “Btw some of y’all are so gullible. (@jeffloagz was like ummmmmmm ummmm i want no problems make sure @mendeecees knows this is a joke).”

Watch the clip below


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